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in-class test June 5, 2009

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i did the comparison between the two weddings today and i must say it was not enough time! probably spend too much time on the description, but still it´s so much to say about both weddings.. i was writing till the very end and i still missed out on stuff i really wanted to say! but hey, now we got our study break and i must say that i really enjoyed that course.. the topics were mostly interesting and kept my interest. just wished we would have had a more exciting topic for the test 😉 i´ve had hardly time to blog because my other courses and readings kept me totally busy! but in general i think it´s good idea with the blogging and the whole set-up of the course was pretty good too – with the two essays, the in-class test and the blog!


royal wedding June 3, 2009

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after watching the videos today twice, i was just so amazed from the effort is put into a royal traditional wedding – diana´s one. she was the crowds princess, who wasn´t the typical princess and got an unusual wedding ceremony. there is so much tradition in the wedding, going so far back in time.. it is a real disney-princess wedding: golden carriages, accompanied by guards on horses and watched by a massive crowd.. it is what most little girls dream of and what was unthinkable for a “normal girl”. and i was thinking because camilla and charles were both married before and and charles first marriage was so grandiose.. maybe both wanted a more normal wedding that there won´t be such a big comparison between charle´s first and second marriage; especially because the second marriage probably would have never been as impressive as the first one. so maybe the second wedding can be seen as a “protest” of camilla to all the comparison with diana. her personal interest clashes with the public expectations what makes the event so exceptional. i think it represents a really interesting way of protest in a world where protest normally is unthinkable!


anzac assignment idea April 25, 2009

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I did so much research about the ANZAC day, because I didn´t know anything about it and I was struggling so much to find a topic at the end. So I went to bed without knowing what I wanted to observe. But when I got ready for the dawn service I found my topic.. The role of cloths. What are people wearing? Are there significant differences between young and elder people? How do cloth group people? what different things do they represent? what do they symbolize? how is it related to the meaning and individual understanding of the commemorate? how do people ‘honor’ the death with the way they are dressing?
I do not really know yet how to formulate it and exactly what questions I want to ask. Just came home from the wreaths lying.. have to do some research and watch more ANZAC stuff on TV.


how to write the report March 23, 2009

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Yesterday I did my first observation in the sushi train and it was really interesting and there was a lot to see. But now I got my notes in front of me and I am kind of confused how we are supposed to write it. On the assignment sheet it says write “an interpretive narrative of your observation exercise”. I am kind of lost and it might be a stupid question, but are we supposed to write the report as if we talk to someone? Can we use sentences like “If you go there by yourself…”? Is it just like talking to someone and telling them what we saw and observed? Does it have to be in the past or present? I am just quite unsure about how to write the report…
thanks for any comments


assignment idea March 12, 2009

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Hi I was thinking of doing my report about communication/eating in a sushi train.. I think it´s interesting because you have to pay attention to so many different things that are going on at the same time. Look what you want to eat, be aware what food is passing by while you eat, etc and you have to be a part of the conversation with the person you are with. And for some it might even be harder because they can´t eat with chopsticks 😉
You can´t really focus on one thing like in a normal restaurant where you order, wait (concentrate on the conversation), eat. I don´t know if the idea is good for the first assignment or if its to complex or so. So would be good to know what you are thinking.. Thanks


strangers March 5, 2009

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Hi everyone,I found this youtube video get your kit of
the other day and think it is pretty interesting especially after I read the article about the strangers..